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Amazing and clean food very polite and helpful.

Victoria, 23 Jan 2021

Good stuff/ Quick service

Isobelle, 23 Jan 2021

Always good!! And easy online service

Holly, 23 Jan 2021

Great food, but delivery is never 45 minutes.

Annie, 23 Jan 2021

Lush food, decent and fair prices.

Matt, 22 Jan 2021

Always very good thank you.

Ruth, 20 Jan 2021

Always lush food but the delivery guy didn't seem to happy to go to the wrong address Down the road even though I wrote the right address but only printed the second half of it on the receipt lol and I asked for it to be left by the door cause of us isolating and he then waited there to point out the fact that the address was wrong when it wasn't my fault the first bit of the address wasn't on the receipt

Craig, 19 Jan 2021


Beth, 17 Jan 2021

Never had a bad delivery. Pizzas are amazing, best quality take away pizza.

Holly, 16 Jan 2021

Good food but, you forgot our bottle of coke and a portion of chips.

Paul, 15 Jan 2021

Superb food and service. Their delivery times are exceptionally good! Thoroughly recommend! *****

Joe, 15 Jan 2021

Food is always well prepared and very tasty. Good value. All the meals are very good but the Tuna salad is amazing (never thought I'd say that about a salad !) Delivered on time. Staff are very friendly.

Elisabeth, 14 Jan 2021

Great service as always. totally recommend Pizza Time 2

Stephen, 08 Jan 2021

Highly recommended, friendly service, top quality food

Andy, 06 Jan 2021

Always very happy with, most times I order a chicken kebab and it’s always cooked to perfection nice and moist not over cooked.

Lou, 03 Jan 2021

Thanks for being in Kingsbridge!

Mark, 03 Jan 2021

Pizzas were banging :)

Jessie, 01 Jan 2021

First time we had take away and used this company. We have to say it was delicious, with good portions very tasty and good friendly service. We would highly recommend

Sally, 31 Dec 2020

Great every time.

Jade, 30 Dec 2020


Chris, 29 Dec 2020

Very good

Sammy, 26 Dec 2020

Quality sometimes varies but always at least nice! Delivery always quick but sometimes 10 to 15 min past delivery time which to me is no hassle or something to complain about as food is still always hot on delivery. Value for money, well depending on appetite we sometimes have leftovers enough for the day after too. Always enough or more. I have had wrong order but they always try to rectify so overall I always use Pizza Time 2 for my takeaways and would recommend to anyone.

Stephen, 23 Dec 2020

Very good service!! And great food

Sam, 21 Dec 2020

Great food every time

James, 20 Dec 2020


Mary, 19 Dec 2020


Mary, 19 Dec 2020